Sunday, July 5, 2015

Three Cups Of Tea

What a Book!!!  I think if I had more time maybe I was finish the book in two days, is an interesting book with a lot of lessons and morals, in each chapter I learned something, I cannot say which is my favourite part of the book because is really complete. Of course that I recommend the book, if you are gonna do anything in this summer is a good book for read. 

I don't wanna say much about the book, because is like when the people tell you about one movie before you watch the movie, you can lost the emotion or you can have a bad imagine of the book, in a little summary is about an American man that said a big promise and fight with a lot of situation for do that promise, at the end he did the promise and more than that!

Enjoy the book... 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Venezuelan Wedding's Tradition

I'm gonna be very honest, I'm not that kind of people that always think in married and all of that, so I don't know a lot about this topic, but I will try my best. In Venezuela, we have like a stereotype of wedding, first is the ceremony in the Church and after that is the reception. The wedding depends on the family who is married because if it is a family with a lot of money, there can be a big wedding and a big reception. I'm just 21 years old, I have been in like 5 weddings, basically  first is the legal married, usually it's something small just family and a few friends, the next day it's the wedding and the reception party, the bride use a white dress and the groom a suitcase, they have a bridesmaids and usually the youngest baby of the family wear the rings of the bride and groom for exchange the rings, the bride father's go to the church with his daughter and give to the groom, at the end of the ceremony the people throw rice to the newlyweds and they go together to the reception in a car that say "Just Marriage", and all people go to the reception. When the newlyweds are at the reception, they dance their first dance as newlyweds and after that there are cheers for the newlyweds. , that part is like a serious part because after that it's when really begin the party, usually the weddings end really late, can finish the next day, the last thing that the newlyweds do is: the bride throw the bouquet and the groom throw the garter belt, the bouquet just can catch the single women and the garter belt just the single men. I think all the wedding in Venezuela have the same things, maybe change the order of the each event, like throw the bouquet in the church instead of reception, but all the weddings have the same tradition and I've never seen a change in a Venezuelan Wedding. 

One of The Best Movie Ever


This movie is maybe my favorite movie because there are a lot of lessons in the movie. It's a comedy, romantic and drama movie. Also, I like it because it has good actors like Robert De Niro, Sarah Jessica Paker or Josh Duhamel. The movie take place in New York for New Year, so you can see the traditioanal event on Times square, actually some scene was recording "on live". If you want to see a good movie I recomend you this movie, I'm pretty sure that you are going love it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Traveling in Venezuela

Venezuela has a lot of beautiful places where you can enjoy a good holiday. We have a lot of scenic like beautiful beaches in Margarita or National Park Canaima where you can find a natural place with the most highest Tepuis  or a vast desserts in Falcon, Snow in Merida. However, I'm going to write about Margarita because is the most visited place for tourists, you can find goo malls, you can spend a good time of relax, but if you like something more dynamic you can find sport extreme like windsurf or surf, there have many funny pubs and discos., one of the most attractive thing of Margarita is the food, because it's really tasty and delicious. Margarita is an island that I recommend visiting because it has a lot of variety

Sunday, June 7, 2015


The topic of this week is "Languages". For me, languages can be really frustrating. I would like to understand English more quickly; sometimes I can, but other times I don't know what's happening and I just don't understand anythingHowever, I have to learn English if I want to start my major here. Maybe learn another languages like French or Italy can be easier than English for me because Spanish and those Languages have some similitude. Two weeks ago in Speaking class Julie asked us " If you find a genius and he tell you that you have just one wish, What wish do you want to say?" I said " have infinite of wishes, but Julie said "I would like to speak fluency all the languages". After that I have been thinking about that, but I think that I just have to enforce more every day, sometimes can be frustrating but it's the only way to be successful in the languages.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Man vs Women

In Venezuela, women have been improving their skills in a lot of areas. Actually, in the past election were two candidates that were women; the Venezuelan women are popular for her beauty around the world; we have won 7 Miss Universe, but we don't have any kind of battle between women and men because in Venezuela the men know what they have to do, and the women too. Maybe the only difference between Venezuelan women and men is in the job because sometimes the salary is better for men or it's easier to find a job for men than women.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Win 10$ Million in Lotery

Of course that with this topic I can imagine a lot of things to do, write or just dream. Money, who doesn't like money? What is that question? It's even better if you win the lottery!!! and with 10$ million I can do a lot of things. For example, open my own business, while I continue my education, buy my own apartment and car, and I can open my own foundation for help my country; I have a lot projects in my brain, so the list of what I can do with 10$ million? can be very large, but this blog have to be short so that it's all for this amazing topic, maybe I'm going to continue dreaming with those 10$ million.